IPTC Video Metadata Hub
Recommendation 1.1

Approved by IPTC on 17 May 2017, available
at www.iptc.org/std/videometadatahub/recommendation/1.1



The Video Metadata Hub’s set of metadata properties includes:

  • ~ 20 properties describing what can be seen and heard in the video
  • ~ 15 properties providing rights related information
  • ~ 15 properties for administrative purposes
  • ~ 25 properties covering technical characteristics
  • ~ 15 structures of properties which are used for properties listed above

Each of the properties are defined with:

  • a name
  • a definition of its semantics
  • a basic data type
  • a definition how often it may occur in the metadata about a piece of video

Technical Implementation

All Video Metadata Hub properties can be expressed by these technical standards:

  • EBU Core – for metadata in stand-alone documents associated with the video binary
  • XMP – for metadata embedded into the binary video file
  • JSON – for a stand-alone and light-weight exchange of metadata, e.g. by APIs


A short video about an IPTC event with all Video Metadata Hub properties set and embedded by XMP. The property values reflect the property name to help sorting out what is displayed in a user interface. The video may be downloaded (8 MB) and investigated.

Recommended Mapping

Many of the Hub properties are mapped to properties defined by these technical standards:

Use Cases

Read about use cases for the Video Metadata Hub.